Did you know that you can reduce blood pressure by eating the right foods and taking natural food supplements? Yes, hypertension also known as high blood pressure which is determined when an individual’s systolic and diastolic blood pressure is greater than one hundred and forty and 90 mmHg. respectively urogen forte precio can be lowered by exercising coupled with eating the right foods and taking natural food supplements.

Approximately 600 million people globally have hypertension and the count of fatalities from high blood pressure is currently over seven million.

The largest or most common risk associated with high blood pressure is the chances for experiencing a heart attack or stroke. That is enough to terrify most of us, but the idea of taking a prescription medicine scares us the maximum amount of. However, there are creative options. Natural food supplements can lower blood pressure.

Foods to eat that can Lower Blood Pressure.

This does not mean a new plate of pills; many supplements are in different foods we eat. Many times it is not what we eat that causes high blood pressure but how our food is prepared.

For example, chicken is a good source of protein, try preparing your receipee or barbecuing it and eliminating the fat, sugar and salt from BARBQ sauce. Eggs are also good, but need to be limited in quantity.

Add more fruits and veggies to your diet. These are good for our system and help clean out excess fluid retention. Season with garlic cloves, it helps keep your cholesterol at bay and promotes healthy blood vessels and a health heart.

Milk thistle can help reduce the build up of plaque on the artery walls helping to reduce the risk of high blood pressure induced heart attacks.

Hawthorne is another natural supplement that protects the blood vessels and helps relieve mild anxiety controlling blood pressure.

Food supplements that Lessens Blood Pressure…

Some of the food supplements that lower blood pressure naturally are magnesium oxide, limescale and citrates, potassium, taurine and vitamin C to mention a few.

What Else We should Do…

However, just eating health foods, is not always enough. Taking a natural food supplement to help lower blood pressure and ordering your lifestyle to include a little exercise in your daily activity can make all the difference.

This can be easily accomplished; when at work, park your vehicle a little further away from the door and walk a little further, take the stairs rather than the elevator.

Everyone would truly be surprised how those few extra steps will help lower blood pressure with the help of a natural food supplement. Try taking a walk at lunch, when at home try not to use the remote to change channels on the television, get up and change the stations hand.

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