Whether you have purchased your dried poppy pods online or refined them from your own personal garden it is best to air dry them soon there after you receive them. A popular method of doing this is to wrap the stems together into a small bundle and then hanging the packages upside down either from a wall or clothing line. An important thing to be aware of is that the poppies will release hundreds of seeds during the drying out process so it is recommended that you place a bucket directly underneath to capture any seeds that may fall. Although it is the least popular method, poppy pods can also be dried upright in containers. Some professional florists like the physical attractiveness of tendency and contorted stems to augment their creative dried arrangements poppy pods for sale. The dried poppy pods can be used in an endless range of methods to add texture and create unique designs in dried floral arrangements. Poppy seed pods are usually often affiliated with fall floral arrangements but they are also perfect for almost any type of holiday decoration.

With the huge variety of possible arrangement ideas poppy uses can meet almost every type and form of occasion. For example, wreaths are actually fashionable in all times and not just a select few. Such a wreath would be the aromatic herb wreath which complements the simple colors of a dried poppy pod and aids in enhancing the more vibrant colors of dried flowers like the red pepper berry, marjoram and marigold. The dried poppy pods unique form also enhances the overall good looks appeal of the arrangement. Tinier more delicate wreaths that utilize the simple shades of poppy pods to compliment the lighter purple shades and delicate texture of lavender, can produce a delightful accent in almost any environment. Furthermore, the simple color of the dried poppy pod is a good compliment to the ever popular Christmas wreath by emphasizing the stronger colors of winter berries and various green color herbs.

Dried floral vase arrangements are also another popular idea. Bigger more round flowers can be used like peonies and hydrangea stems may be cut short so that they can be placed facing way up and diagonally towards the sides. Adding some white organizations from oriental paper shrubbery can add a very elegant form in the overall arrangement. A knot end of it will greatly assistance in positioning the flowers over the organizations of the oriental paper rose bush. The contorted poppy stems will circle around the flowers to distract from their ungainly forms.

Currently, professional florists have been developing dried floral arrangements in brand new directions. No longer are they creating dried flower arrangements to stand alone on a desk or rack but will work to compliment stylish new interior designs in trendy condominiums and apartments. Dried poppy pods are a fashionable choice to line entry edge of a line decoration that utilizes 3 main flowers species worked in directory lines at varying heights. The container of choice is quite normally a simple rectangle box covered with ivy leaves.

For more specific holidays, such as Halloween, the use of large ovoid poppies as accent pieces is common place. The pods are spray painted in orange and black colors. Stencils are used to create silhouettes of witches or pumpkins or even words. The full pieces are then placed throughout packages of existen or on patios and units.

Another creative use for the most popular holiday of all, Christmas, is to decorate your very own Christmas tree. Start by putting a Styrofoam cone into a box that allows the cone to fit much inside. The outer edge of the cone should meet the inner edge of the container. A good thing to use here is a pedestal base. Work some strong cord edged ribbon directly in the cone and then intertwines backtrack the length of the cone. Push the stalk of the 1 large pod at the summit and put other smaller to medium-sized poppy pods around the cone. Finally, fill the remainder of the cone with dried lavender in sections.

Another great use, which is contrasting and blends with any holiday project, is to first find a pot. After that you will need to choose some similar sized poppy pods. Put some green florist cloth or sponge into the bottom of the pot. Take the poppies and cut off the stems approximately 1 inch from the top of the head and stick them into the cloth or sponge in equal rows. As an accent to your arrangement it is suggested that you place some moss around the base of the poppy heads. This type of dried floral arrangement is especially alluring if you include dried flowers of the current season you are getting work done in.

Dried poppy pods also work extremely well in potpourri bowls. To create this you will need a handful of dried poppy pods, dried apple cuts, wood shavings, dried berries and pomegranates or any other fresh varieties of dried floral and fruits. Place them together with a odor of your choice, which you can easily buy from your local crafting store, to sweeten in the bouquet. You can place the poppy potpourri in a traditional bowl or you can be really creative and dump all the potpourri into one colossal dried poppy. To try this ultimate creation you will need to cut off about percent of the top of the poppy head and then empty out the seeds. Now you have the perfect poppy potpourri bowl for any room of your home or office.

These are only a fraction of the ideas of poppy uses along with other dried poppy pods and flowers which can be utilized to enliven any holiday occasion so they can augment the design of any room decoration. Discover your own creative juices and design the perfect dried floral arrangement with dried poppy flowers.

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